Trump’s Secret Document Mess Gets a Little “Prettier”

Trump hires scribes for secret documents( Shortly after news broke that Trump aides were seen moving boxes at Mar-a-Lago a day before the DOJ showed up searching for top secret documents, another informant surfaced with information that could put ex-President Trump in even further legal peril.

And this time, calligraphy pens were involved.

A groundskeeper has told authorities that in the month leading up to the DOJ raid, two dozen Hassidic scribes were seen frequently entering the Mar-a-Lago compound around dawn and not leaving until well after dark.

“24, 25 of them easily, I think,” the groundskeeper said. “They go it, hands clean. They come out, hands black with ink. And very tired.

“For a month they do this, maybe more. It was strange, even for Florida,” the groundskeeper said.

FBI On The Case

A source with the FBI has confirmed that they are working on the premise that the paranoid-prone ex-president was using the scribes to obtain non-traceable copies of his top-secret documents hoard.

“Ex-President Trump has acknowledged in the past only trusting Jewish people with his money, so trusting them with his illegally-held top secret documents isn’t much of a stretch,” the FBI source said. “No copier tracks, no scanned files… it would be a very Trumpian thing to do.”

The FBI is in the process of interviewing every Hassidic scribe currently working within the state of Florida. In addition, analysts are pouring over every photo or video of Vladimir Putin released over the past year as they try to find evidence of missile deployment schedules or spy portfolios rendered in a lovely calligraphic script.


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