$2 Million Pardons Were But One Element of Trump Administration Fire Sale

stacks of money for pardons(HoratianTimes.com) When news broke earlier this week that former America’s Mayor Rudy Giuliani was being sued for sexual assault and harassment, one of the claims that surfaced was that both he and former-President Trump had engaged in a plot to charge $2 million for pardons.

What was not commonly reported, however, was that this was merely the tip of the iceberg when it came to the two men’s plans to milk the waning days of the administration for cash.

“A lot of the people who approached us, they had been through some things. Bad, bad things,” said one of Giuliani’s top aides at the time. “You’re in jail, or have had to pay huge fines… You don’t have $2 million kicking around, you know? But I bet you have a little something tucked away, and we were always willing to deal.”

$200,000 would get you Trump ripping into a judge or opposing lawyer on his Truth Social account. Throw in another $50k, and it would be in all CAPS. $100,000 got you a round of golf with Trump, where you could plead your case for a pardon.

This rarely worked.

“Once, I saw him give out a free pardon. Once,” said the aide. “They ever hand out awards for ass-kissing, this guy would win, hands down. Praising Trump non-stop over nine holes. Re-naming his kids Donald 1 and Donald 2. I think there was something involving the guy’s wife, maybe?”

Even relatively minor amounts would still get you close to Trump’s inner circle. Cough up $60,000 and you get a lunch date with Don Jr. $5000 and you’re having ice cream with Eric. Even a measly $1000 would net you a short stack of “Special Trump Document” copies.

But how about those for whom money really wasn’t much of an issue.

“Ambassadorships were going for $10 million. Cabinet posts, usually around $20 million,” the aide said. “These upper tiers were hugely successful. We had about 50% of our foreign diplomat corps filled, and several cabinet positions.”

And since Trump lost the election?

“All sales are final,” said the aide.


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